New Technologies

With over 40 years combined experience in web design and development, We can assure you that the technology that we build on is always at the leading edge.

Validated Code

All our code undergoes rigorous testing and development before being set live. Ensuring that it meets all best practices and standardisation guidelines, well before the first user ever gets to it.

Best Marketing

We can also provide you with an international standard of SEO and digital marketing efforts, to make sure that your site gets in front of the customers you want!

Why Us?

Pattaya Design Studios delivers a full range of products and services that enable organisations to develop dynamic Internet solutions. In fact, that’s all we do. We don’t sell things you don’t need. We don’t handle PR. We don’t design documents, collateral or trade show materials. We focus, totally and exclusively, on the Internet and its attendant technologies, from Web sites to email marketing to custom applications.

To say we build Web sites, however, is an understatement. We are not simply Web designers. We are, first and foremost, Web strategists who strive to understand our clients’ unique business and technical requirements. As a result, we deliver online solutions that work — and build lasting, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

If you are frustrated by a Web site that is difficult to manage, or a site that has fallen into disarray, or a site that has failed to live up to its potential as a business tool, Pattaya Web  Design Studios can help. Our team is skilled in graphic design, information architecture, ppc marketing, SEO and programming, offering everything you need to build your online solution— and keep it delivering results for years to come.

Why Pattaya?

To tell you the truth we never intended to setup a design, development and marketing studio in Thailand at all, we moved here to provide lower cost solutions to our existing clients in Australia, but after seeing how low quality all the other providers are around Thailand, we knew we could do better and provide a real service to business, actually helping business rather than trying to sell a product for profit.

People here seem to fail to realise that a ‘web site’ is more then something you can buy off the shelf for 7,000 baht. It’s a sales and marketing tool that should be properly addressed and developed properly, not just some cheap template.

Anyone selling a website at a fixed cost is ripping you off, taking your money and giving you something you don’t need, and that won’t delivery any kind of return on your investment, most sell you a template that they can buy for $50 USD or less and take the rest of your cash for profit.

We’re catering to the needs of every smart business, we only bill for time spent (not a fixed price for profit), and we only deliver solutions designed to achieve a return on your investment online.
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Meet Our Team

We are Pattaya Design Studio

With many skill sets the team here can ensure that your site is built well, beautifully, fast and fully SEO optimised for less and better. Put simply, Pattaya Design Studio is the best in town and we make sure that all sites we produce, reflect that commitment to quality.

Benjamin Powell
Benjamin Powell Front End Developer
Joaquim De Jorge
Joaquim De Jorge Graphic Designer
Cornelis van der Hoeven
Cornelis Van Der Hoeven Front End Developer
Navee Rattanaporn Accounting/Legal
Eric Buckley
Eric Buckley Back End Developer
Chris Bassett
Chris Bassett Content Writer
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