New Web Design
What Should My New Website Look Like?

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, or what products and services you offer; a major factor for staying competitive in your industry is down to how potential customers view your company. Research conducted by Stanford University concluded that 75 percent of people judge a company’s credibility on the design of its website! You…

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Choosing the right web design company
Choosing The Right Web Designer For Your Business

Finding a good website design agency can be a minefield, especially due to the fact that there are so many deceitful designers around. We have had many clients who have been affected in some way by the previous company they have worked with, and with this in mind, the following information should help you decide…

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Know about UX design
Five Things Designers Need to Know About UX

UX is the abbreviation for User Experience. But what does this term actually mean? In this article today we are going to explain the meaning of the term, where it came from, and most importantly, how to deliver the kind of experience that your website visitors expect. At Pattaya Design Studios we heavily invest in…

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Web Development Language
What Languages Are Used for Web Development?

Although there are a number of different web development languages available, there is no real definitive answer to which is the best language for web development. This is simply because the language you choose will be the one that is the best fit for your particular website. A language that suits one website will not…

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Best Free Wordpress Themes
Five of the Best Free WordPress Themes

We are now approaching the end of the second month in 2015 and we are already starting to see that many of the web design trends of last year are continuing to be prominent at the start of this one. Responsive web design and simplistic and minimalistic designs are just some of those trends that…

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Web design Agency or Freelancer
Web Design: Freelancer or Agency?

When you are thinking about getting a website design done for an existing or new website, you will have two options to choose from. You can either use a web design agency or go down the route of finding a freelance web designer to see to your needs. There are a few differences between the…

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How do you Make a Website for Free for Kids?

Usually, when the search query ‘How do you make a website for free for kids’ is inputted into the major search engines, it is because people are looking for one of two things. First they might be wondering how their children might be able to build their own websites or second they might be wondering…

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What is Responsive Web Design?

If you are the owner of a business and have a website for that business, you may well have heard the term responsive web design in recent years. This might have left you wondering what is responsive web design and just how can it benefit you and your business? Read on and your questions will…

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Plugin Banner
5 WordPress Plugins Your Site Must Have

So you have decided on the theme that you want to use for your WordPress website and now you are in the process of deciding which plugins you are going to use to aid its functionality and your ability to optimize it. Well, you will quickly learn that there are thousands of plugins that are…

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Motel Banner
10 Best Websites for Booking Hotels

So you are planning a holiday, business trip or quick weekend getaway, know where you want to go and now just have to sort out your hotel accommodation. This is great news but you will quickly learn how overwhelming it can be finding hotels that are in the location you want them to be, have…

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