How Much Do We Charge?

Our pricing structure is based on a simple idea; how many hours will it take to build, times by our hourly rate (which is 1,600 THB an hour). We find this a very simple way to deliver a fair and reasonable price for all our customers, no matter what size website you want built or size company you have.

The other great advantage that this way of pricing has, is that if you want a site that has all the bells and whistles, but you only have a budget for the string, then we can happily work with you to plan out multiple phases for your website.

This means that you can get your awesome looking and fast loading site live super quick, but also have a plan for developing in phase 2 or 3, all the amazing features that you wanted!

With the 50+ combined years of web development and project planning that the team have, we can make sure that you’re going to get the right site and the right framework to build and scale the site of your dreams!

Small Business

From 20,000THB

  • A Small Local Business
  • Need A Web Presence
  • A Business Card Online
  • Get A Great Starter Site Today
  • Fast Delivery & Great Quality!
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Medium Business

From 55,000 THB

  • A Site That Is Easy To Update
  • Will Show Multiple Languages
  • You Need To Post Regular News
  • You Want The Standard Pages
  • Have Multiple Points Of Contact
  • More Than A Business Card Online
  • This Is The Right Place To Start!
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Professional Business

From 90,000THB

  • You're Selling Online
  • Need To Take Payments
  • You Have Multiple Products
  • It Needs To Be Easy To Update
  • There Are Multiple Contact Points
  • Has To Integrate With Other Sites
  • Needs To Post To Your Facebook
  • Plus A Few Other Features
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From 150,000THB

  • You Want Many Pages
  • Customers Need A Login Area
  • You Need To Sell Online
  • Managed By Multiple Staff
  • Need Custom Technology
  • Or To Integrate With Other Sites
  • Custom Database Or Similar
  • Need Many Unique Features
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