We develop & refine end to end solutions that provide all our customers with a competitive edge over their competition!

Our strengths lay not only in great design but also in custom-developing tools specific to each client’s needs. This provides you with a competitive edge over your competitors and allows us maximum flexibility to integrate and promote your vision both on the web and off.
Our goal is to develop solutions that are simple, clear and effective at delivering the most customer value.

Pattaya Web Design And Wordpress, The best design studio in Pattaya

Building websites for our customers is an interesting process, first we spend the time getting to know what you need, what you like and importantly getting to know what your customer will like.

We then create a proposal (which turns into a statement) of work, which outlines everything that your site will do, how it will look, what pages it has and what functions. This is done so you know what you’re getting, in how long and for how much. There are no secrets with us and we work as hard as we can to ensure that we meet all our deadlines.

Then we start wireframing, which is creating the design of the site, you of course are part of this process and you’re signing off on the designs, when you’re happy.

The fun starts when you provide all the content that is needed for your site, don’t have any? not a problem, we can create it for you (for a cost of course)

Then we are ready to build, and that is what we really love, we build fast and well, so in no time at all, you’re looking at a working site that is ready to sign off on, and then we set it live!

Simple, painless, fast and all the way along, you know what you are getting and when you are getting it.

Building a website is not supposed to be a laborious task, its supposed to be fun, easy and exciting!

Pattaya Web Design And Wordpress, The best design studio in Pattaya

You hear over and over again that fresh content is the key to a great website. You can write new content all day long, but what if you can’t update your website yourself? You don’t have to go running back to your web design company every time you want to make a change. You certainly don’t need to have the skills of a pro web developer just to publish that new article. We can give you a web-based content management system that will give you the ability to change the text, images, documents, and links whenever you want.

If you ask us for a powerful CMS that will give you full control over your site, we will most likely give you WordPress. It is flexible, easy to use, and robust enough to handle anything you can throw at it. Our crack team of developers have whipped WordPress into submission and can mold it into the perfect tool for your needs.

As a second option, we’ve been known to create a completely custom CMS from scratch. In most cases, your needs can be addressed with one of the other applications. However, from time to time, you may need a tool that requires some custom functionality. We’re always up for the challenge.

Pattaya Web Design And Wordpress, The best design studio in Pattaya

Ever hear of MySpace? Some dude named Tom (supposedly) thought it up, built it, and then sold it to Rupert Murdoch for $580 million. A trio of ex–PayPal employees created YouTube and sold it to Google for $1.65 billion. Mark Zuckerberg just turned down a $2 billion offer for FaceBoook.

What’s that? You’ve got an idea for the next great web-based application? You want to create something that’s going to change the face of the web but you’re not a web developer? That’s cool, because we can help turn your idea into a reality. Seriously. We do it all the time.

Let’s get together and talk through your concept. We can all put our heads together and come up with something truly amazing. Just drop us an email to get things rolling.

Pattaya Web Design And Wordpress, The best design studio in Pattaya

The entire point of the internet is to allow us to buy things without any human interaction whatsoever.
Let’s say we’re shopping for a widget. We ask our trusty friend Google where to find widgets and then go wherever it tells us. We come across a great site that sells beautiful widgets at discount prices.

Widget store, you had us at hello. But what’s that? We can’t actually purchase your widgets on your website? We have to call and talk to an annoying sales rep who is going to try to pressure us into buying the super deluxe widget extreme? Thanks, but no thanks. We’re outta here, and your biggest competitor will be getting our hard earned cash today.

Seriously, are you stuck in 1997? These days, ecommerce is critical if you’re going to be in business online. Yes, we know it’s a little scary trying to figure out how to manage your inventory, process credit cards, and comply with all those wacky sales tax laws. Yes, we know it’s even more scary when you look at all of the craptastic shopping cart software on the market. Thankfully, the fine folks at Pattaya Design Studios are here to help.

Pattaya Web Design And Wordpress, The best design studio in Pattaya

SEO for short – can be very hard to do at times, you’re competing with lots of other people for top position on search engines for all the same keywords.

We specialise in optimisation for Google – who control like 90% of the internet’s search results anyway.
Our services are completely flexible, with our optimization packages based on the particular needs of each client. Whether you require a complete Internet Marketing solution or you just need some help developing your link popularity and PageRank, we can help!

If you’re interested in a web page optimiser report let us know, we’ll be more than happy to review your site and give you a total run down on everything you need to do.

Pattaya Web Design And Wordpress, The best design studio in Pattaya

One of the challenges of having a website is knowing how much traffic you get, where your site is doing well, and where it’s failing. But have you looked at your web site statistics lately? What do all those numbers mean? Are hits or page views or unique visitors more important? Is a 50% bounce rate on your shiny new landing page good or bad?

If you’re confused by the stats — or if you’ve never even seen any web stats for your site — we can help. Whether you need things translated from techno–babble into plain ol’ English or you need to have an analytics package configured on your site, we’re the guys for you. Talk to us at any time, we love a good chat.

Validated Code

All our code passes many validation test and checks before we hand over the keys.

Clean Stylesheet

We make sure that all the styles and edits we make are clean and functional, without overloading a site with useless information that will only slow it down.

Fully Responsive

All our mid and top level websites come to you ready for mobile viewing. With most sites getting 60% of their traffic from mobile its essential that a site is responsive.

We are your partner, not just a service provider